The official website of Pamela Smart

About Pamela Smart and this site

Introductory section by Dr. Eleanor Pam

My name is Dr. Eleanor Pam and I am pleased to be invited to write this introductory section for the first official Pamela Smart Web site. It is my hope that the public will grow to believe, as I do, in her innocence and eventually know her as a uniquely gifted and special person–not the stereotypical monster created by the media. More»

A Message from Pam’s Mother and Father

August 1, 2007 will mark seventeen years our daughter, Pamela Smart, has been imprisoned for a crime she did not commit.  She has a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.  Her conviction was based on the words of Bill Flynn, the admitted killer of Pamela’s husband, Gregg Smart.  He murdered our son-in-law, but with his perjured and plea bargained testimony, he will reclaim his freedom and his life.  More»

Letters in Support of Pamela’s 2004 Application for Commutation of Sentence

Pamela’s Achievements

Photos of Pamela and her family

Writings by Pamela

  1. Pamela is my friend. I support her 100% “Enough is Enough” Get to know the “REAL” Pamela. Let her out. She is a wonderful person. I will always stand with her.

  2. nice to know she even has one friend.

  3. I dont know her personally. But i think she has served enough time, How come the actual killers are eligible for parole and not her. She didnt kill him! And even if she asked him to kill her husband he shouldnt of been stupid enough to do it. To me 20 years is enough. Its not like she is going to get out and have children that time in her life has passed. I sure hope that the Lord touch the supreme court some kind of way so that she too can get out !

  4. Reading the many articles of Pamela, some are really hard to believe that the young man who actually did the shooting was not smart enough to know right from wrong, I do not believe everything I read about her, I do for one minute she is so “Evil” that she does not deserve a second chance. I was however pleased to read the article the young student wrote over the times she met Pamela in prison, I do believe she was used to make a “statement”, that is not fair and it’s down right disgusting to me. Give her a second chance, she’s attractive, intelligent, and from all I’ve read a caring person. Pam if you ever read this, I believe you like many others make mistakes, I wish you well, and pray someday you will see freedom. I mean that from the bottom of my Heart~
    Bless You.

  5. Pam should be set free, she and her loving family have suffered enough.

  6. I never really heard the story until I watched this episode of Oprah. I believe Pam is innocent. Even if she wasn’t, I don’t believe that it is fair to make her serve such a long sentence, especially when she wasn’t even the one to do the murdering.

  7. Hello, my name is Amy Newman Bonczek. I am a friend of Pame’s and Gregg’s from when Pame went to FSU. I have a facebook page with up to date info, and places where you can comment, and discuss the case. Please feel free to join Free Pamela Smart. Thank you so much!!!

  8. I have followed this case for years now and recently saw her on Oprah. I, too, agree she shouldn’t get a longer sentence than the actual killers. I am going to checkout the FB page too.

  9. Based on what I have read and seen on the Oprah Winfrey show, I believe Pamela Smart should have her sentence cut, and be released, or at least given a new trial.

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